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International Presence

  • Weng Tiejian

    Founder and GM of JT Mold

  • Hart Zhang

    15 years’ European working experience, after leaving FOBOHA , joined JT now working as JT Deputy manager, responsible for sales and operation management.

  • Bob Fill

    Business Consultant, assisting JT Mold to further expand into a global company and will assist JT Mold to expand its customer base in South-East Asia. He has 40 years of experience in the plastics industry including the founding of international Mastip and Volastic.

  • David Atkin

    Global Key Account Manager, focusing on improving customer interaction and streamlining project management. He has been worked in China for an extended period of time and this is a valuable contributor with his technical expertise. He previously held the position of Engineering Manager at Rieke-Hangzhou.

  • Reinhold Stoll

    Technical Consultant of JT Swiss Design Center, with more than 40 years’ experience of molds design in different industries.